• Year:1980-1985
  • Publisher:People's Education Press
  • Language:Chinese;English
  • ISBN:

Statistics on China's Educational Achievements

[ 1980-1985 ]

Since the publication of China's Educational Achievements ( 1949 – 1983 statistical data ), a book compiled by the Department of Planning and Finance of the Ministry of Education of the People ’ s Republic of China in 1984, it has been widely welcomed and valued by the educational, economic and social circles at home and abroad. In order to continue to reflect the development of China ’ s education, especially the achievement of education construction during the sixth five-year plan, we continued to print this China's Educational Achievements ( Statistical Data, 1980 - 1985 ) according to the original version of the arrangement system of Chinese and English. This Book Is the Continued Compilation of Historical Data and Fully Reflects the Development of Education during the Sixth Five-year Plan Period and Provides Important Statistical Data for the Reform and Development of China's Education in Recent Years. The data in this book are based on the comprehensive reports of various sc..... unfold >>