• Year:2021
  • Publisher:China Statistics Press
  • Language:Chinese;English
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-9793-4

China Energy Statistical Yearbook

[ 2021 ]

1. China Energy Statistical Yearbook is an authoritative book that comprehensively reflects China ’ s energy construction, production, consumption and supply-demand balance. It was edited by the Department of Industrial Transportation Statistics of National Bureau of Statistics from 1986. The 2008 edition was published at home and abroad by China Statistical Publishing House, editor-in-chief of the Department of Energy Statistics of the National Bureau of Statistics. 2. In order to meet the needs of readers for China ’ s energy statistics, the timeliness of data application has been improved from publishing one volume every two years to publishing one volume every year from 2004. 3. China Energy Statistical Yearbook Divides into 7 Chapters : 1. General Survey;2. Energy Construction;3. Energy Production;4. Energy Consumption;5. Energy Balance Sheet;6. Regional Energy Balance Sheet;7. Energy Data of Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions;Appendix Content : Taiwan Province..... unfold >>