• Year:2021
  • Publisher:Editorial Department of China Machinery Industry Yearbook
  • Language:Chinese
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China Machinery Industry Yearbook

[ 2021 ]

1. China Machinery Industry Yearbook Is a Large-scale Annual Journal of Materials and Tools Published by China Machinery Industry Federation, Hosted by Machinery Industry Information Research Institute and Press;As Industrial Development Report, Integrate Industry Information and Record Every Phase of Enterprise Growth;The 38th Issue of the Annual Journal in 1984 and 2021 2. 2021 Annual Report Mainly Reflects the Development and Achievements of China's Machinery Industry and Its Various Industries and Regions in 2020, and Provides Economic and Technical Data and Statistical Data of Machinery Industry in An All-Round Way. 3. Since 1998, China machinery industry yearbook series has been gradually formed. In order to achieve the positioning of the content difference between China Machinery Industry Yearbook and the yearbooks of different industries to meet the needs of professional readers, China Machinery Industry Yearbook began to set up the second-level column with the content of ..... unfold >>