• Year:2008
  • Publisher:Editorial Department of China Financial Yearbook
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:

China Financial Yearbook

[ 2008 ]

1. China Financial Yearbook Issued by People's Bank of China and Hosted by Chinese Finance Society China Financial Yearbook Editorial Department. In 1986, China Financial Yearbook created this publication as the 23rd volume of China Financial Yearbook, adhering to the consistent policy of China Financial Yearbook, and strived to pay attention to the practical and universal aspects for reference and use by readers from all walks of life. 2. This journal covers banking, securities, insurance and other commercial financial institutions, and collects important information of financial work in 2007, which includes basic information of financial industry in 2007. 3. The content of this journal is provided by financial institutions and edited and revised by the editorial department of this journal. 4. The first part to the fourth part of this journal adopts the classified editing method and an appendix is added. The contents in Part # 4 are as follows : Part I Overview of China's Fin..... unfold >>