• Year:2021
  • Publisher:China Finance Magazine
  • Language:Chinese
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China Accounting Yearbook

[ 2021 ]

China Accounting Yearbook Is a Comprehensive System to Edit the Important Information of National Financial and Accounting Work in 1 Year to Compile Continuously Published Large Books. By the Director of the Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China China Accounting Yearbook Editorial Board Hosted the Compilation of Chinese Financial Magazine Publishing. The Yearbook Compilation Adheres to Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics as the Guide to Adhere to the Principle of Being Realistic and Realistic, Combine Theory and Practice, Pay Attention to D Strive to Form All, New, Special, Deep and Practical Features to Meet the Needs of All Level Readers The Main Content of the 26th Volume in 2021 Is the Situation and Changes in National Financial and Accounting Work in 2020 Volume 1 : Summary of Major Events in 2020 Reviewing the 13th Five-Year Plan, this paper summarizes the changes and achievements in China ’ s financial accounting field during the 13..... unfold >>