• Year:2018
  • Publisher:《Chinese SMEs》 Magazine Office
  • Language:Chinese
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China SMEs Yearbook

[ 2018 ]

1. China SMEs Yearbook ( 2018 ) ( The Abbreviation Yearbook ), including relevant literature and data from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, records the major events and major achievements of the reform and development of SMEs in China at this stage. 2. Included in This Yearbook Were 31 Provinces, Autonomous Regions, Municipalities Directly under the Central Government, 5 Cities Specially Designated in the State Plan, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Relevant information is arranged according to the latest national administrative divisions. 3. Eight Articles : Important Documents, Overview, National Policies and Measures to Support Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Reform and Development, Statistical Data, Policies and Regulations, Research and Practice, Appendix 4. Statistical Data on Main Economic Indicators of Local Medium and Small-sized Enterprises in 2018 Was Provided with Assistance from Management Departments of Medium..... unfold >>