• Year:2018
  • Publisher:China Financial Yearbook Magazine Co , Ltd
  • Language:Chinese
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Almanac of China's Finance and Banking

[ 2018 ]

1. China Financial Yearbook is a large-scale information literature compiled and published by the People's Bank of China, China Financial Society and China Financial Yearbook editorial department. Founded in1986, one volume a year, continuous publication, the total volume33. Adhering to the principle of China Financial Yearbook, the content strives to be accurate, detailed, practical and popular, for readers of all walks of life reference and use. 2. This journal comprehensively, systematically and truly records the reform and development of China's financial industry in 2017, covering the banking industry, securities industry, insurance industry and other commercial financial institutions. It objectively reflects the difficulties and focus of the reform and development of the financial industry in the year, and compiles important current affairs, literature, laws and regulations and statistical data in the year. 3. The materials collected in this journal mainly come from the financial..... unfold >>