• Year:2018
  • Publisher:China Statistical Press
  • Language:Chinese;English;
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-8788-1


[ 2018 ]

China Energy Statistical Yearbook is an annual statistical publication, which covers very comprehensive datain energy construction, production, consumption, equilibrium of supply and demand in an all-round way,established in 1986, edited by Department of Industry and Transport Statistics, National Bureau of Statistics. 2008annual is edited by Department of Energy Statistics, National Bureau of Statistics, published by China StatisticsPress, to the domestic and international public publication. In order to satisfy the masses of readers' demands for China energy statistics, improve the efficiency andtimeliness of the data use, from each of 2004, China Energy Statistical Yearbook is published one volume everyyear instead of one volume every 2 years. China Energy Statistical Yearbook consists of seven chapters: 1.General Survey; 2. Construction of EnergyIndustry; 3.Energy Production; 4. Energy Consumption; 5. Energy Balance Table of China; 6. Energy BalanceTable by Region; 7. Energy data..... unfold >>