• Year:2017
  • Publisher:China Financial Yearbook Magazine
  • Language:English
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China Financial Yearbook ( English Version )

[ 2017 ]

The year 2016 was not only the beginning year of the decisive stage for China to complete the task of building a modestly prosperous society,but also the crucial year for the promotion of the supply-side structural reform.Under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China(CPC) and the State Council,the financial system strengthened and improved macroeconomic management,comprehensively deepened financial reform and opening-up,and effectively prevented financial risks,which created a favorable monetary and financial environment for stabilizing growth and carrying out the supply-side structural reform. Strengthening and Improving Macroeconomic Management,with the Sound Monetary Policy Better Targeted and More Effective In 2016,the world economy maintained an overall trend of recovery.However,uncertainties in the international political and economic arenas heightened further,and populism,anti-globalization,trade protectionism and investment protectionism were o..... unfold >>