• Year:2016
  • Publisher:China Insurance Yearbook
  • Language:Chinese
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[ 2016 ]

1. China Insurance Yearbook (hereinafter referred to as the Yearbook) was founded in 1998, hosted by China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) and China Insurance Yearbook Society. It is a large-scale historical and material annual magazine that fully reflects the development of China's insurance market. 2016 Yearbook comprehensively, systematically and truly records the development of China's insurance market in 2015. 2. The compilation and editing team of the yearbook is strong. In addition to the China Insurance Yearbook Society and the relevant business departments of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, there are 176 company editorial teams (191 insurance companies) and 36 local editorial teams involved in the compilation of the yearbook for this period, with more than 5000 personnel. The data and information in the book are provided by each editorial group after examination and verification by relevant authorities, which are authentic and authoritative. 3, 2016 edition y..... unfold >>