• Year:2015
  • Publisher:China Statistics Press
  • Language:Chinese;English
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-7744-8

China Social Statistical Yearbook

[ 2015 ]

1. China Social Statistical Yearbook-2015 Is a Comprehensive Statistical Yearbook Reflecting the Basic Situation of Social Development in China. This book includes the main statistical data of the whole country, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in various fields of social development in 2014 and the main national statistical data in important years. 2. The Yearbook Content Is Divided into 12 Chapters That is, ( 1 ) Synthesis;2. Population and Family;3. Public Health;4. Education and Training;5. Employment;6. Income and Consumption;7. Social Security;8. Living Environment;9. Culture and Leisure;10. Resources and Environment;11. Public Security;12. Social Participation Appendix is the explanation of main statistical indicators. 3. The national statistical data except administrative divisions, land area and forest resources, as well as the data of Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province are not included in this yearbook. 4. The Measure Units ..... unfold >>