• Year:2013
  • Publisher:China Statistical Press
  • Language:Chinese;English;
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-7390-7


[ 2013 ]

PrefaCe 1.”China Trade Unions Statisties Yeathook”2013 15 an annual Publieation refleeting the overall status of st研 and workers in China and the devefopment status of China trade unions‘This yearbook takes 2012 as the dominant faetor and eolleets the newest statisties data of China national eeonomie development status and China st雄and work- ers’status,and the statisties data of the general survey of the work of provineial,autonomous region and munieipal federalion of trade unions. 11.This yearbook 15 divided into seven eh即ters.(l)Statisties of National Eeonomy Indieators,introdueing the development status of the main indieators of national eeonomy,the development sPeed and the ProPortion relation- shiP,and the raising of PeoPle,s material and eultural life.(2)Statisties of Staff and Workers State,introdueing the status of the number of staff and workers,e哪foyment,w铭es and labor dispute arbitration.(3)Statisties Of Trade Unions Work in Eaeh Provinee,Autonomous Region and Mu..... unfold >>