• Year:2013
  • Publisher:China Tourism Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:

China Tourism Yearbook

[ 2013 ]

《China Tourism Yearbook》 Is a Professional Yearbook Fully Reflecting the Overview and Achievements of China's Tourism Industry, Including the Policy, Policy, Monograph, Statistical Data and Related Information Data. The Contents Published in 2013 Volume " 01 from China " Mainly are the Situation of China's Tourism Industry in 2012. Some Data Span the Time Due to the Need of the Book. “ 《China Tourism Yearbook》 ” adopts the method of classification and arrangement, and the main part of the frame structure is composed of articles, sub-items and items. Volume 2013 is divided into the upper and lower volumes. The upper volume includes seven chapters : special information, literature, major activities, cooperation and exchanges, tourism development review, local tourism development review, and major events.;Two Volumes including Six Items : National Tourism Overview, Local Tourism Overview, Bulletin, Policies and Regulations, Tourism Statistics, Tourism Institutions Etc. The statistical..... unfold >>