• Year:2013
  • Publisher:China Tourism Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:


[ 2013 ]

The China Tourism Yearbook is a professional yearbook which comprehensively reflects the general situation and achievements of China's tourism industry. It contains the guidelines, policies, monographs, statistical data and relevant information of China's tourism industry. China Tourism Yearbook 2013volume published content, mainly in2012China's tourism situation, individual data due to the needs of the book and time span. China Tourism Yearbook adopts the method of classification and arrangement, with the text, sub-items, items constitute the main part of the framework structure. 2013 volume is divided into upper and lower volumes, the upper volume includes seven topics:special, literature, major activities, cooperation and exchange, tourism development review, local tourism development review, memorandums of events; The following volume includes six chapters:national tourism, local tourism, bulletins, policies and regulations, tourism statistics, and tourism institutions. Statistical..... unfold >>