• Year:1995
  • Publisher:China Statistical Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-5037-1970-2


[ 1995 ]

Fujian Labor Statistical Yearbook-1995 collected the labor statistics of various regions and departments in Fujian Province in 1994 and the main years. It is the first publicly published material annual to comprehensively and systematically reflect the development status of the province’s labor field. Fujian Labor Statistical Yearbook-1995 is divided into twelve parts:(1) comprehensive indicators; (2) Employment and unemployment; (3) State-owned economic units employees and labor remuneration; (4) Urban collective economic units employees and labor remuneration; (5) other types of economic units employees and labor remuneration; (6) The basic situation of private enterprises and township enterprises; (7) Labor, wages, social insurance system reform; (8) Casualties of employees in enterprises; (9) Insurance benefits; (10) Vocational and technical training; (xiii) Status of trade union organizations; (12) Main labour indicators of counties. A statistical chart is shown in front of the fi..... unfold >>