• Year:1997
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  • Language:Chinese
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Beijing Tourism Statistical Yearbook

[ 1997 ]

“ 《Beijing Tourism Statistical Yearbook-1997》 ” is an annual publication reflecting the development of international tourism in Beijing in 1996. Contents : Overseas Visitor Arrivals in Beijing;Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism of Beijing;Basic Statistics on Tourism Enterprises in Beijing;Number of Overseas Tourists Received and Foreign Exchange Earnings The Statistical Scope of All Indicators and Data in This Yearbook Is in Accordance with the Scope Formulated by the National Tourism Bureau and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics. In the editing process, we have verified and adjusted the monthly data of 1996, and the data of this yearbook should be used by all departments and units. The Yearbook Is an Important Information to Understand and Research Beijing Tourism Situation and Development. Since 1988, Each Year Is Published for Reference of Tourism Departments, Relevant Departments of National Economy and Related Enterprises and Institutions. Due to the hurry of editing ..... unfold >>