• Year:1999
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  • Language:Chinese
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Beijing Tourism Statistical Yearbook

[ 1999 ]

《Beijing Tourism Statistics Yearbook - 1999》 Is a Material Yearbook Reflecting the Development of Beijing's Tourism Industry. Contents : Overseas Visitor Arrivals in Beijing;Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism of Beijing;Basic Statistics on Tourism Enterprises in Beijing;Number of Overseas Tourists Received and Foreign Exchange Earnings In order to understand the development of tourism in districts and counties in Beijing, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics and Beijing Municipal Tourism Bureau implemented the “ 《Statistical summary of quarterly ( annual ) reports on tourism in Beijing》 ” reporting system in 1998. With the joint efforts of tourism statisticians at the city and district levels, this report has achieved preliminary results in the past year. The Yearbook Compiled 'Tourism in Districts and Counties of Beijing' Striving to Reflect the Operation Trends of Tourism in Districts and Counties, the Data in the Table Is Based on Reports of Tourism Management Institutions..... unfold >>