• Year:2012
  • Publisher:China Tourism Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:

China Tourism Yearbook

[ 2012 ]

《China Tourism Yearbook》 Is a Professional Yearbook Fully Reflecting the Overview and Achievements of China's Tourism Industry, Including the Policy, Policy, Monograph, Statistical Data and Related Information Data. The Contents Published in Volume 2012 of 《China Tourism Yearbook》 Mainly are the Situation of China's Tourism Industry in 2011, Some Information Made a Leap in Time Due to the Need of the Book. “ 《China Tourism Yearbook》 ” adopts the method of classification and arrangement, and the main part of the frame structure is composed of articles, sub-items and items. Volume 2012 is divided into the first and second volumes. The first volume includes six chapters : literature, major activities, cooperation and exchanges, tourism development review, local tourism development review, and major events.;Two Volumes including Six Items : National Tourism Overview, Local Tourism Overview, Bulletin, Policies and Regulations, Tourism Statistics, Tourism Institutions Etc. The statistica..... unfold >>