• Year:2012
  • Publisher:China Statistics Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-6513-1

China Urban Life and Price Yearbook

[ 2012 ]

The 《China Urban ( Town ) Life and Price Yearbook - 2012》 System Included the Income and Expenditure Survey Data and Price Survey Data of Urban Households in 2011 is A Professional Comprehensive Yearbook Comprehensively Reflecting the Living Standards and Various Price Changes of Chinese Cities ( Towns ) Yearbook Is Divided into Two Major Parts. Part One, Income and Consumption of Urban Households;Part 2. Price Index At the end of the paper, statistical indicators are attached. The national statistical data involved in this yearbook do not include the data of Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province. The measurement units used in the yearbooks are all international unified standard measurement units. The household income and expenditure survey data and price survey data of urban residents in the data are sample survey data, and the representative error should be paid attention to when citing them. Income and Expenditure Survey of Urban Households ( Also ..... unfold >>