• Year:2009
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  • Language:Chinese
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Hunan Health and Health Statistical Yearbook

[ 2009 ]

This Volume Yearbook Is a Compilation of 《Hunan Health Yearbook》 and 《Hunan Health Statistics Yearbook》 This Volume 《Hunan Health Yearbook》 Records the Basic Situation, Work Progress and Main Achievements of Health Work in Hunan Province in 2008, Divided into 9 Parts : 1. Special Report;2. Important Meeting Report;3. Chronicle of Health Work;4. Progress of Work;5. Work of Health Units Under Ministry and Province;6. Health Work of Cities, Prefectures and Counties;7. Academic and Mass Organizations;8. Policies and Regulations Selected Published;9. List of Health System Leaders Work Progress including : ( 1 ) Party Building;( 2 ) Discipline Inspection and Supervision Rectification Work;( 3 ) Health Legal System and Supervision;( 4 ) Disease Prevention and Control;( 5 ) Public Health Emergency Work;( 6 ) Patriotic health and rural water reform to toilets;( 7 ) Schistosomiasis control;( 8 ) Medical Administration;( 9 ) Traditional Chinese Medicine;( 10 ) Maternal and Child Health Care and..... unfold >>