• Year:2009
  • Publisher:Hubei People ’ s Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:978-7-216-05728-8


[ 2009 ]

2008 is a turbulent, memorable year. China’s publishing industry under the financial crisis, while summarizing the 30-year development process and experience, continues to deepen reform, standardize industry management system, seize the opportunity of the Olympic Games, increase the “ going out ” of Chinese culture and books, and actively enhance the soft power and international competitiveness of publishing. At the same time, actively participate in major social events such as the snow and ice disaster and the '5·12' earthquake rescue, strengthen public cultural services, social impact is greatly enhanced. China Book Yearbook 2009 volume focused on the reform and development of the publishing industry, while paying more attention to the thematic discussion of the hot topic:the " annual focus " of Bertelsmann's defeat in China conducted in-depth and detailed analysis; The attention of “ annual attention ” to green publishing, national publishing security and publishing house website co..... unfold >>