• Year:1996
  • Publisher:Editor Board,Almanac of China's Finance and Banking
  • Language:English
  • ISBN:

China Financial Yearbook ( English Version )

[ 1996 ]

Almanac of China's Finance and Banking 1996 is now released to the public.The voluminous information it affords fully imply the two fundamental features in the performance of China's economy and finance.The first is to explain with ample data how high inflation was reined inpreliminary and stability of financial order maintained in China in 1995 withsustained,rapid and healthy economic development and basic realizationof the macroeconomic regulation objective;the second is to record with plentiful materials how the Chinese financial circle persisted inimplementing the moderately tight monetary policy,facilitated effectiveeconomic growth,deepened financial reform in the light of the generaltrend and promulgated and implemented successively the Law of the People's Repubfic of China on the People's Bank of China and other basic financial laws in ushering in a completely new period of normal and modern financial construction.Beginning from July 1993,in accordance with the arrangement of th..... unfold >>