• Year:1986
  • Publisher:China Statistical Press
  • Language:Chinese
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[ 1986 ]

China industrial economic statistics-1986 is the second national industrial census data collation. Divided into the next two. The first part is the preliminary data of 1985 industrial census, which reflects the actual level of China's industrial production and operation. The main contents include gross industrial output value, net output value, added value, main product output, total labor productivity, main financial index and analysis data. The above data are processed according to national economic industry classification and code. A comprehensive and detailed industrial census data to be completed, published in stages. The following part of this book is the historical data of industrial statistics. According to the status of industry in the national economy, the scale and level of industrial economic development, the main proportion of industrial economy, the economic benefits of industry and the regional layout of industrial economy, the information of the key years since the foun..... unfold >>