• Year:2006
  • Publisher:China Statistical Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-5037-5072-3


[ 2006 ]

1. China Basic Unit Statistical Yearbook-2006 is a reference book reflecting the situation of various basic units of the People's Republic of China. This book is divided into three parts:the first part and the second part are the comprehensive information of the various types of legal entities in the country in recent years according to the region, the national economy industry, the type of registration and practitioners, the scale of business income, etc. The third part includes a short list of industrial enterprises, construction enterprises, wholesale and retail enterprises, accommodation and catering enterprises. 2. The 1996 data come from the first national basic unit census data, the 2001 data come from the second national basic unit census data, the 2004 data come from the first national economic census data, the other year data come from the basic unit annual statistical data. 3. The summary scope of the data is the legal entity engaged in social and economic activities in Chin..... unfold >>