• Year:1987
  • Publisher:China Statistics Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-5037-0426-8

Input-output Table of Beijing

[ 1987 ]

This Volume 《Beijing Input-Output Table》 Fully Surveyed : 2 856 Investment Composition of Capital Construction ( Innovation ) Projects under Ownership by the Whole People and Collective Ownership;Survey on Composition of Total Output Value of 2 823 Industrial Enterprises by Product and Sector at County Level and above;In-take and Out-take of Material Products of 2 472 Enterprises and Institutions with Independent Accounting System;Survey of Internal Social Service Institutions of 3 133 Independent Accounting Enterprises and Institutions Due to the sufficient survey data, it provides a good foundation for the quality of the 1987 input-output table. According to the different survey methods, the direct decomposition method and indirect derivation method are adopted to decompose the consumption structure of products. Consumption Structure of Products by Direct Decomposition Method in Large and Medium-sized Industrial Enterprises and Indirect Derivation Method in Small-sized Industrial ..... unfold >>