• Year:1986
  • Publisher:China Finance Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:4058·240

China Financial Yearbook

[ 1986 ]

《China Financial Yearbook》 Is the Annual Publication with Historic Information of Finance. It Mainly Reflects the General Picture of the Development of Socialist Financial Undertakings in a Comprehensive and System Way Through Various Economic and Financial Data. It Introduced the Achievements, Experience, Problems and Development Trend in Financial Work. “ 《China Financial Yearbook》 ” is published annually, and the 1986 issue mainly reflects the situation in 1985. As It Is the First Phase of the Yearbook, Some Sections including 1980 - 1984 or More The content of 《China Financial Yearbook》 1986 is divided into 11 parts : I, important economic and financial literature. Publication of Important Speeches and Documents of Party and State Leaders on Finance, and Important Speeches and Articles of Major Heads of Financial System II. Financial overview. It mainly reflects the comprehensive situation of the financial sector, including the overview of financial business and financial sys..... unfold >>