• Year:2005
  • Publisher:China Statistical Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-5037-4819-2


[ 2005 ]

The data included in China Foreign Economic Statistical Yearbook-2005 is the main statistical data of China's foreign economic trade and international tourism from 2003 to 2004. This book is divided into five parts:(1) Balance of payments; (2) Foreign trade chapter; (3) Foreign capital; (4) Cooperation section; (5) Tourism. In order to facilitate the reader's use, this book gives a brief description of the words used and the meaning of the main statistical indicators, the statistical scope and statistical methods. The information listed in this book is processed by the Department of Foreign Trade and Economics of the National Bureau of Statistics according to the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, the Ministry of Public Security, the State Tourism Administration, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other departments. Due to the different functions of each department, the statistical scope, scope ..... unfold >>