• Year:1992
  • Publisher:China Statistical Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-5037-0998-7


[ 1992 ]

In order to meet the needs of government leaders at all levels, relevant departments, research units and the masses to study China's rural socio-economic problems, we first edited China Rural Household Survey Yearbook-1992. This Yearbook is a comprehensive and systematic information reflecting the production, income, consumption, accumulation and other socio-economic activities of rural households. The main content of the book is divided into two parts:the first part of the statistical data, including:First, the main years of 1978-1991, the national survey of rural households comprehensive data, focusing on the reform and opening up 13 years since the development of the basic economic situation of rural households ;2. Main indicators of the important sub-groups of the 1991 Rural Household Survey, including the main indicators of the 11 sub-groups of rural households by net income, living and consumption levels, production and investment levels, educational level of the labour force, th..... unfold >>