• Year:1988
  • Publisher:China Finance Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-5049-0367-1

China Financial Yearbook

[ 1988 ]

《China Financial Yearbook-1988》 Is a Historic and Financial Yearbook. It Mainly Reflects the General Picture of the Development of China's Socialist Financial Undertakings in an All-Round Way Through Various Economic and Financial Data and Introduces the Achievements, Experience, Problems and Development Trend of Financial Work. The First Issue of 《China Financial Yearbook》 Was Published in 1986. The 1988 issue is the third issue in total, which mainly reflects the situation in 1987. The content of 《China Financial Yearbook》 1988 is divided into 11 parts. Part 1. Important Economic and Financial Documents Part 2. Statistics of Economy and Finance Part 3. New Development of Financial Industry in 1987 Part IV Reform of Financial System Part V Foreign Financial Transactions The sixth part is the overview of local finance. The seventh part is the survey report and thematic materials. Part 8. Financial Science Research in 1987 Part 9. Selected Financial Laws and Regulations in 1..... unfold >>