• Year:2003
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  • Language:Chinese
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China Financial Yearbook

[ 2003 ]

《China Financial Yearbook - 2003》 Is a Comprehensive Record of China's Financial Reform and Development, Compiling and Continuously Published Large-Scale Reference Books Year by Year. The 18th Volume of 《China Financial Yearbook-2003》 Collected Important Information of Financial Work and Basic Information of Financial Industry in 2002 This Volume Used Classified Editing Method, There Are Four Parts An Appendix, Four Parts Governed Nine Parts Part I : Reform and Development, International Finance and Foreign Financial Transactions, Regional Economy and Finance Part II : Documents, Regulations and Normative Documents. Part III : Statistics, topics and research. Part 4. Chronicle of Events and List of Institutions In the chapter of reform and development, the business review of Huarong, Great Wall, Xinda and Dongfang four asset management companies is added. In the statistical section, due to rounding, the total and sub-items are added with a slight error. Balance Sheet, Profit ..... unfold >>