• Year:1991
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  • Language:Chinese
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China Financial Yearbook

[ 1991 ]

“ 《China Financial Yearbook》 ” started from the 1990 issue and was organized in terms of items. In order to maintain the continuity of data and facilitate readers ’ access and retrieval, relatively fixed items are used for major financial business activities and policies. Some new items are added to the new situations and new topics in that year. For the business activities that were prominent in the previous year but not obvious in the current year, some items were omitted. The Content Reflected by the Same Item is Generally Limited to the Current Year's Business Activities Data, Not a Comprehensive and Systematic Description of This Item. Readers can retrieve the systematic data of a certain purpose one by one. 《China Financial Yearbook》 Is a Complete System of Information Tool Book. It Mainly Uses Overall Arrangement Method and Considers Unit Composition of Financial Business Categories. In addition to the third part of China ’ s financial business, the fifth part of China ’ ..... unfold >>