• Year:1990
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  • Language:Chinese
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China Financial Yearbook

[ 1990 ]

《China Financial Yearbook-1990》 Is a Large Reference Book Reflecting the Development Process of China's Financial Undertakings. In Writing, Selection and Compilation, Strive to Reflect Scientific, Information, Comprehensive and Continuation. All policies, decrees and business systems that have an impact on the development of China ’ s financial industry, including data, texts and pictures that truthfully reflect financial business practices, are widely collected and edited. Relevant information is also included in financial business and experimental financial activities under certain special conditions, and the situation and views described by the author are respected. Since 1990, the arrangement has been further improved according to the characteristics of reference books. The data are divided into components to form a relatively complete system. Items are taken as the basic unit to record relevant content at different levels. Item setting is mainly based on the theme of financ..... unfold >>