• Year:1994
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  • Language:Chinese
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China Financial Yearbook

[ 1994 ]

《China Financial Yearbook-1994》 Is a Large Reference Book Reflecting the Development Process of China's Financial Undertakings. In the Drafting, Selection and Compilation of This Yearbook, Various Information on Important Policies, Regulations, Business System, Statistical Data of Financial Reform and Development in China in 1993 and Various Information on Actual Activities of Financial Business This Book Is Still Edited by Items. For Major Financial Business Activities and Principles, Fixed Items Were Used, Others Added or Simplified Some Items According to the Situation of Business Activities Last Year. Each Item Only Reflects the Contents of Financial Business Activities in the Previous Year. For the System to Understand the Contents of One Purpose, Reference the Same Item or Related Item in the Calendar Year The Book Adopts Overall Compilation Form, Appropriate to Take into Account the Characteristics of Different Financial Business Categories. The Data and the Combination of ..... unfold >>