• Year:1998
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  • Language:Chinese
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China Financial Yearbook

[ 1998 ]

《China Financial Yearbook - 1998》 Is the 13th Annual Issue since It Was Founded in 1986. It Fully Reflects the Course of Financial Development in 1997 This volume includes financial policies, decrees and business systems, which truthfully reflect the development performance of financial and economic undertakings and the results of financial reform, and collects the existing and latest statistics on economic and financial business. For the new financial business and experimental financial activities, we should try our best to achieve a complete reflection, and strive to reflect the scientificity, information, comprehensiveness and continuity in the drafting, screening and compilation. This Volume Is Completed in the Form of Items. To Maintain the Continuance of Data, the Major Financial Business Activities and Principles and Policies Are Adopted Fixed Items, Others Added or Reduced the Business Activities of Last Year. The Content of This Item Reflects the Financial Business Activit..... unfold >>