• Year:1990
  • Publisher:China Statistics Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-5037-0497-7

China Industrial Economic Statistical Yearbook

[ 1990 ]

《Statistical Yearbook of China ' s Industrial Economy - 1990》 Is a Comprehensive Reflection of the Industrial Economic Development of the People's Republic of China Material Periodical The Contents of the Book Are Divided into Seven Parts : Comprehensive Development of China's Industrial Economy, Industrial Structure of China's Industrial Economy, Regional Layout of China's Industrial Economy, Scale Economy of China's Industry, Rural, Urban and Rural Cooperation, Individual Industrial Economy, Top of China's Industry This Yearbook Can Be Used for Reference When Leaders at All Levels, General Economic Workers, Economic Theory Research Staff and Enterprise Managers Understand and Study China's Industrial Economic Development. This Yearbook Has Inherited and Retained the Compilation System of 《Statistical Yearbook of China ' s Industrial Economy-1989》, but Made Appropriate Enrichment and Adjustment of Some Contents and Compilation System, Such as Increased Output of More Than 100 Indus..... unfold >>