• Year:1994
  • Publisher:China Tourism Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:

China Tourism Yearbook

[ 1994 ]

《China Tourism Yearbook》 Is a Professional Yearbook Centralized and Comprehensively Reflecting the Development Achievements and Basic Overview of China's Tourism Industry. The Collection of China's Tourism Policy, Policy, Statistical Data and Related Information Data This 《Yearbook》 Was Compiled by the Editorial Committee of the National Tourism Bureau of the People's Republic of China China China China Tourism Yearbook. The Contents of the Published Data in This Volume Reflect the Situation of 1993. The Data are Generally on 31st Dec. 1993 and the Individual Data are on March 1994. The 《Yearbook》 Is Made up of 9 Parts Including Documents, Special Articles, Memorabilia, Laws and Regulations, Theoretical Research, Statistical Data, Tourism Institutions, World Tourism, Appendix, The Same As Last Year The Statistical Data of China's International Tourism Economy Collected in This 《Yearbook》 Is Provided by the National Tourism Bureau of the People's Republic of China. Data from the N..... unfold >>