• Year:1990
  • Publisher:People's Education Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-107-10854-9

China Education Statistical Yearbook

[ 1990 ]

《China Statistical Yearbook of Education》 ( 1990 ) Is a Comprehensive Information Yearbook of Education Development of the People's Republic of China, Compiled by State Education Commission Planning and Construction Department According to the National Provinces, Autonomous Regions, Municipal Education Committee, Higher Education Bureau, This Yearbook Is Divided Into : Comprehensive Part, Higher Education, Secondary Education, Preschool Education, Special Education, Adult Education, Audio-Visual Education, Self-Study Examination, National Distribution of All Kinds of Schools At All Levels and Cities This Yearbook Is the Necessary Material Reference Book of Research and Development of Education by Relevant Departments, and Is the Essential Basis of Formulating Education Plan and Directing Education Reform by Educational Organs and Schools Data in This Yearbook, Shortage of Taiwan Province