• Year:2000
  • Publisher:China Tourism Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:

China Tourism Yearbook

[ 2000 ]

《China Tourism Yearbook》 Is a Large-Scale Reference Book That Comprehensively Reflects the Development Overview and Achievements of China's Tourism Industry, Hosted by the Editorial Committee of the State Tourism Bureau of the People's Republic of China China China China China China China China Tourism Yearbook and Co-Scale The Collection of China's Tourism Policy, Policy, Monograph, Statistical Data and Related Information Data The Contents Published in Volume 2000 of 《China Tourism Yearbook》 Mainly are the Situation of China's Tourism Industry in 1999. Some Data Made a Breakthrough in the Time Taken by the Book We try to make a comprehensive, systematic and detailed chronicle of tourism, and provide accurate and reliable information for all sectors of society and overseas people to understand and study China ’ s tourism. “ 《China Tourism Yearbook》 ” adopts the classified editing method, and the main part of the frame structure is composed of articles, sub-items and items. There ..... unfold >>