• Year:2002
  • Publisher:China Tourism Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:


[ 2002 ]

The China Tourism Yearbook is a professional yearbook which comprehensively reflects the general situation and achievements of China's tourism industry. It contains the guidelines, policies, monographs, statistical data and relevant information of China's tourism industry. The content in Volume 2002 of the China Tourism Yearbook is mainly about the situation of China's tourism industry in 2001, and individual information has spanned time due to the need of the book. China Tourism Yearbook adopts the classification editing method, and the main part of the frame structure is composed of chapters, sub-items and entries. The book contains nine chapters, namely, literature, special articles, major events, general situation of national tourism, local tourism, communiqué, regulations, statistical data, tourism institutions and appendix. Statistical data analysis in China Tourism Yearbook is provided by the functional departments of the National Tourism Administration. The data comes from the ..... unfold >>