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  • Year:2018
  • Publisher:China Statistics Press
  • Language:Chinese;English;
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-8587-0


[ 2018 ]

I. China Statistical Yearbook in 2018 systematically includes the national and provincial, autonomous region, and municipality directly under the Central Government's 2017 economic and social statistics, as well as a number of important historical years and major national statistics in recent years. It is an informative annual publication that comprehensively reflects the economic and social development of the People's Republic of China. II. The main part of this yearbook is divided into 28 chapters, which are: 1. comprehension; 2. Population; 3. National economic accounting; 4. Employment and wages; 5. Price; 6. People's life; 7. Finance; 8. Resources and environment; 9. Energy; 10. Investment in fixed assets; 11. Foreign economic and trade; 12. Agriculture; 13. Industry; 14. Construction industry; 15. Wholesale and retail trade; 16. Transport, Posts and Telecommunications and Software Industry; 17. Accommodation, catering and tourism; 18. Finance; 19. Real estate; 20. Science and tec..... unfold >>