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  • Year:2017
  • Publisher:China Finance Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese;
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[ 2017 ]

Ⅰ. Almanac of China's Finance and Banking is the large data documentation which is managed by People's Bank of China (PBoC), organized by the China Finance Society and compiled and issued by the editorial department of Almanac of China's Finance and Banking. Founded in 1986, with one volume published every year consecutively, this publication is the 32nd volume. With the consistent principle of Almanac of China's Finance and Banking, we provide rich and accurate contents while considering the practicability and publicity so that readers from all walks of life can refer to and use it. <BR> Ⅱ. This publication records the reform and development of China’s financial sector in 2016 in a comprehensive, systematic and actual way, which covers the banking, securities, insurance sector and other commercial financial institutes. It reflects objectively difficulties and focus issues in the reform and development of financial sector within the year, mainly including the major important current af..... unfold >>