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  • Year:2017
  • Publisher:China Statistics Press
  • Language:Chinese;English;
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-8429-3


[ 2017 ]

Ⅰ.China Social Statistical Yearbook 2017 is the comprehensive statistics yearbook whichreflects various aspects related to social development.It is collected main social statistical data onprovinces and national total data in 2016,also main social indicators of other countries/regions insome years.Ⅱ.This Yearbook includes 12 sections:1.General Survey,2.Population and Family,3.Healthand Wellness,4.Education and Training,5.Employment,6.Earning and Consumption,7.SocialSecurity,8.Living Condition,9.Culture and Leisure,10.Resources and Environment,11.PublicSafety,12.Social Participation,13.International Statistical Indicators.Explanatory notes on mainstatistical indicators are provided in Appendix.Ⅲ.The national data in this Yearbook do not include those of the Hong Kong SpecialAdministrative Region,the Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province,except forthe divisions of administrative areas,the area of the national territory and forest resources andotherwise specified.Ⅳ.The u..... unfold >>