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  • Year:2016
  • Publisher:China Railway Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese;
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[ 2016 ]

Ⅰ. China Railway Yearbook is in the charge of China Railway Corporation (CRC) and sponsored by the CRC Archives and Chronicles Center. <BR> Ⅱ. China Railway Yearbook is a reference book for the railway industry in China, covering the national railways, joint-ventures railways, local railways and the related enterprises with railways as main business. The 2016 Yearbook, in principle, shall cover the information from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2016. <BR> Ⅲ. This China Railway Yearbook consists of 15 columns. The subject information columns are named after the whole passage, with subheads and entries. Some sub-columns are added between subheads and entries in some columns. <BR> Ⅳ. “Comprehensive Section” focuses on the Hong Kong railways and Taiwan railways, while other column data generally exclude them. <BR> Ⅴ. The provisions of the articles shall comply with the general regulations of the Yearbook. The use of punctuation marks and the units of measurement shall abide by the provis..... unfold >>