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  • Year:2015
  • Publisher:China Statistics Press
  • Language:Chinese;English;
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-7638-0


[ 2015 ]

China Statistical Yearbook 2015 is an annual statistical publication, which reflects comprehensively the economic and social development of China. It covers data for 2014 and key statistical data in recent years and some historically important years at the nation level and the local levels of province, autonomous region and municipality directly under the Central Government. II. The Yearbook contains twenty-seven chapters: 1. General Survey; 2. Population; 3. National Accounts; 4. Employment and Wages; 5. Prices; 6. Peopled Living Conditions; 7. Government Finance; 8. Resources and Environment; 9. Energy; 10. Investment in Fixed Assets; 11. Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation; 12. Agriculture; 13. Industry; 14. Construction; 15. Real Estate; 16. Wholesale and Retail Trades; 17. Hotels, Catering Services and Tourism; 18. Transport, Postal and Telecommunication Services, and Software Industry; 19. Financial Intermediation; 20. Science and Technology; 21. Education; 22. Public Health a..... unfold >>