• Year:2014
  • Publisher:Ocean Press
  • Language:Chinese;English;
  • ISBN:978-7-5027-9119-3


[ 2014 ]

IlltrodllCtion I·China Marine Statistical珍arbook(2014)15 a data almanac which reflects inan all一round way the develoPmeni of marine eeonomy)marine management and servieein the PeoPle’5 RePublie of China in 2013,and it 15 a Chinese一English bilingual edition. 11.The Yearbook,5 statisties cover the Produetion and aetivities in the marine and eoastal areas in relation to the develoPment,management and utilization of marine resources and sPaee,and the develoPmeni of marine soeioeconomy.The regions eovered are the coastal regions,eoastal eities and eoastal zones with eoastlines,whlch are arranged in order aeeording to the Coastal Administrative Areas Class访cation and Codes (HY/T 094一2006). 111.The data in the yearbook eonsist of 1 1 seetions,namely, integrated data,marine eeono而e aeeounting,major marine industrial aetivities,Produetion eapaeity of major roarine industries,ocean一related emPloyment,marine scienee and teehnology, marine edueation,marine environmental Protection,..... unfold >>