Old version: CHS CHT EN

  • Year:2013
  • Publisher:National Library of China Publishing House
  • Language:Chinese;
  • ISBN:978-7-5013-5171-8


[ 2013 ]

STATISTICAL YEARBOOK OF CULTURAL RELICS OF CHINA (2013), as a comprehensive statistical book reflecting development of culture in China, systematically covers the statistical data on the development of culture nationwide and in provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in 2012 and other important years. The yearbook includes 7 chapters: 1. General survey; 2. Libraries; 3. Mass culture; 4. Art; 5. Culture market; 6. Cultural relic; 7. Education, science and technology, anime and others. There are explanatory notes on main statistical indicators at the end of chapters to facilitate use of reader. The yearbook excludes the data on Taiwan province, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions. Summary of regional data is not equal to the national total, because the regional data excludes that of units directly under the center.