• Year:2007
  • Publisher:Electronic Industry Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:978-7-121-06521-7


[ 2007 ]

China Electronic Information Industry Statistical Yearbook (Comprehensive Section) 2007 comprehensively records the comprehensive statistical data of the economic operation of China's electronic information industry in 2007. Through the statistics of the development data of various regions, various industries and various product categories of the national electronic information industry and the analysis and discussion of the leaders and scholars of the relevant departments at all levels, the achievements, problems and development trends of China's electronic information industry in 2007 are systematically reflected. China electronic information industry statistical yearbook (comprehensive section) 2007 is divided into four parts, the main economic indicators of manufacturing industry, investment in fixed assets, import and export situation. 'Summarization' is a cross-year review and research article, which includes:First, the summary and review of the economic operation of China's elec..... unfold >>