• Year:2005
  • Publisher:Electronic Industry Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:7-121-02571-X


[ 2005 ]

China Electronic Information Industry Statistical Yearbook (Software Section) 2005 comprehensively recorded the comprehensive statistical data of the annual development of China’s software industry. Through the statistics of the development of various software products in various regions of the country’s software industry and the analysis and discussion of leaders at all levels and experts and scholars, it systematically reflected the achievements, problems and development trends of China’s software industry in 2005. China Electronic Information Industry Statistical Yearbook (Software) 2005 is divided into four parts:1. Summary ;II. Comprehensive statistics ;Three, three-funded enterprises statistics ;4. Statistics of domestic enterprises. 'Summarization' section is a cross-year review analysis article, the main content:First, 2005 China's software industry development and review ;2 is the development situation and trend of key software products:the third is the development situation a..... unfold >>