• Year:1997
  • Publisher:Ocean Press
  • Language:Chinese;English;
  • ISBN:7-5027-4419-3/P.429


[ 1997 ]

China Marine Statistical Yearbook (1997) is a comprehensive information yearbook reflecting the development of marine economy and marine management services of the People's Republic of China from 1994 to 1996. The book is a Chinese-English comparison. The statistical scope of this yearbook is the production and activities of people to develop, manage and utilize marine resources and space in the ocean and coastal areas, as well as the socio-economic profile of coastal areas. The geographical range is cities and counties with coastline (county-level cities). Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, municipalities directly under the Central Government, and counties are arranged in the order of the administrative division code of the People’s Republic of China. The yearbook data include comprehensive information, marine fisheries, marine oil and natural gas, coastal sands, sea salt, coastal shipbuilding, marine transportation, coastal internatio..... unfold >>