• Year:2009
  • Publisher:China Statistical Press
  • Language:Chinese
  • ISBN:978-7-5037-5763-1/D.236


[ 2009 ]

China Civil Affairs Statistical Yearbook-2009 is a comprehensive reflection of the development of China’s civil affairs. In order to meet the requirements of the readers, we revised some of the contents. In particular, the multimedia electronic CD attached to China Civil Administration Statistical Yearbook-2009 increased the statistical data of all units at or above the county level, making the use of data more detailed and convenient for grass-roots statisticians. The content of this book consists of eight parts:the first part is the main indicator data diagram; The second part is a special article, mainly including the civil affairs statistics report and the relevant policies and regulations documents; The third part is historical statistics; The fourth part is the comprehensive statistical data; The fifth part is regional civil affairs business statistics; The sixth part is regional capital construction statistics; The seventh part is the regional financial statistics; Part eight is..... unfold >>